Since 2004 I am looking for the remaining Volkswagen SP-1 and SP-2.
You wonder why?

There are several reasons:

- From 1972 - 1976 only about 10,000 vehicles were produced. It is interesting how many of these
  vehicles are left after 40 years.

- Where are the remaining Volkswagen SP-1 and SP-2 remained? The owners meet from time to time and
  for an invitation is needed at least an email address.

- In order spare parts by rare to manufacture, it is important to know whether a market is there for it.


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If your vehicle is already apparent in the register I am still grateful when the form is filled out. Only then the register can be kept up to date.

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3. Internationales
VW SP-2 Treffen
07.07.2018 - 08.07.2018
in Würtzburg